Why a custom publication?


Your custom publication begins with a message – your message – and evolves to suit your company brand, products or services, and overall marketing strategy. Whether that be to share your history, introduce your staff or a new product line, promote a specific event or even just share an idea... the final outcome will be exclusive to your company and its partners.



Content - what goes inside?

Think of your custom publication as a resume, and your audience as the employer. What should you communicate to get the job? 

Although all publications are unique, depending largely on the desired result and audience, most will follow similar lines and include the similar topics of content and information. 

For a general guide, see the list of "What goes inside" on the far-right column for what you might want to share about your company to your audience.

But don't worry too much about what to say. After a thorough discussion, and based primarily on what your intention is with the project, our team will assist you in determining what should be said, who should say it, what order to say it in – and then even write it for you if required.


Advertising support from clients

Your publication is much more than self-promotion... it is a chance to increase awareness, share a common message and drive your business.  Your partners – clients, suppliers, retailers, contractors, financiers – all benefit from your continued growth and success.

When used appropriately, a publication can provide your partners with not only the chance to support you, but also the opportunity to align themselves with your success and create some branding and awareness at the same time.

Your publication can include support advertising, profiles and directories, sold to your list of partners and suppliers – helping you to absorb the associated investment. Dattcom will assist in all areas of ad sales, design, invoicing and coordination.


Publication size, style or paper quality

When it comes to variation in size, style and paper quality, the sky is the limit!  The desired audience, distribution methods, content and even product/service lineup can all influence the decision.  However, to keep it simple (and cost-effective), we usually recommend keeping to a standard size, such as "letter" (magazine), "booklet" (half-letter), or "tabloid" (like a tabloid newspaper). 

Paper quality and texture is usually of high gloss stock or can be a matte finish, with options for thicker or card stock covers (paper is usually FSC Certified by preference whenever possible).

The layout, fonts and design of the final product will be done to match the branding and advertising already in place for your company – or, if that doesn't yet exist, we'll come up with one that suits your style.


Digital edition for online viewing

We live in a world where print and digital often compete, so it's difficult to decide on which medium to best reach your target audience.

That's why we provide the option to have your publication reproduced in a digital edition (also known as an "ezine" or "flipbook") that will look and read just like your printed version, complete with turning pages, indexing and printing/downloading options. 

The digital edition is displayed in a user-friendly window on your computer, tablet or mobile device and can include hyper-linked ads and content.  They can then be displayed on your company website and shared on social media platforms to further promote your company.


Distribution & delivery to your audience

Having a custom publication is wonderful... but if no one ever reads it, then there's no point in making one.  Having copies in your office, showroom or atlocal retail stores is a great start. However, taking advantage of local distribution to reach your target audience will provide maximum coverage.

Dattcom will assist in determining the best and most economical means to distribute your publication based on both audience profile and location, using local methods, such as:

  • Direct mail to your client list
  • Direct mail using geographic breakdown (postal delivery)
  • Inserting in available subscription or bulk delivery products like newspapers, flyers or magazines
  • Distribution through local related associations.


OK, great... so what's the next step?

Easy. Just talk to us more about what options are available and – if it works for you – see how best to proceed.

What we help with and supply:

  • All layout and design
  • Copy writing and editing
  • Photography
  • Printing schedule & invoicing
  • Distribution quotes, schedule & invoicing
  • Ad sales, design, coordination and invoicing
  • Ad & sponsor invoicing

What you can supply

  • Content/writing (if available)
  • Photos/graphics
  • Contacts for story reference
  • Confirmed testimonials
  • Supporting company contacts (for support advertising)
  • Scheduled times for meetings, discussion, proofing

Usual Choices...

Pages – 12, 16, 24, 32, 48  ...or more!
Sizes –  Magazine, Booklet, Tabloid
Finishing – Stapled or Glued
Paper Style – Quality Gloss Stock

Use to promote your...

Company Anniversary
Grand Opening
Product Introduction or Sale
New Ownership/Management
New Division
Seasonal Activity
Special Exhibition or Show
Real Estate Guide
Recreational Guide
Tour Brochure or Guide
Annual Report
Shareholder Summary
Community Announcement
Product Portfolio
Shopping Catalogue


What goes inside?

Company History
Staff Profiles
Awards or Achievements
Training & Certification
Office or Showroom
Product Examples
Services & Strategies
Location & Directions
Partner / Sponsor Profiles
Recent Projects Gallery
Client Testimonials/Quotes
Advertising Directory

Here's an example of what you can do:

• Magazine Style
• 2500 Copies
• Glossy Paper
• 16-24 Pages

No cost to you
Ask us how!

We have many examples available, some requiring little to no cost depending on your level of support from clients/advertisers/sponsors.

Contact us to discuss your options!

Here are some digital editions of recent publications

– clicking image will launch the digital edition in a new window  –